Kindness is the garment of humanity and a great gift we can easily give to anyone. It is harmony, it is happiness, it is love, and it is charity. The happiness one derives from being sympathetic and compassionate comes from within and it does last for a long time. There are some essential reasons why we should show kindness in the little way that we can. We do not have to have all the wealth in the world before we can help, the little we have is enough, and it is high time we made the person next to us smile for life.

Kindness is just like an antidote that cures a death-defying situation. The nature of human existence has made difficult situations quite unavoidable, but it is our role to control it and minimize its occurrence. This is why we have the brain, the heart, and the mind; not to figure out ways to inflict pains on others, but to have a proper balance between emotionality, volitionality, and rationality just to make the world a better place for everyone. What we have materially and within ourselves helps to bring this to reality; and this is what kindness envisages.

The unquestionable joy I feel from the deepest part of my heart, especially when I receive an unexpected kindness, creates a strong belief in me that I also owe someone else a huger responsibility of kindness. That’s the way you feel, too, isn’t it? That shows that, no matter what you have, you do not have everything, so, everyone needs to be shown kindness just like all need to show kindness. But there are those who need it more than others. Consider the street! Thus, it gives happiness from within and fosters positive changes without. Imagine a world where intrinsic and extrinsic happiness king over the societies within it. How lovely it would be!

Another thing kindness does is that it fetches hope to a hopeless person. My experience with Helen has taught me a great lesson: the little piece of sincere kindness grooms the garden of hope to full bloom. When you show people that they are truly loved no matter their statuses and outward appearances, it gives them the assurance that they can have a better future by trying to improve themselves in the little way they can. So, creating an enabling platform, which gives people a sense of belonging and existence, is the very foundation of the arrival of hope.

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta said that: “Poverty is not made by God, it is created by you and me when we don’t share what we have.” This does not necessarily mean that we should assemble a group of people and equitably distribute everything we have (of course, it is partly in on it). It carries the messages of kindness and charity; help the struggling person next to you to stand firm so that, he too can help others. And if it continuous in that manner, there will be no need to be greedy and self-seeking. Instead, suffering will be reduced, and the world will be spacious enough to accommodate everyone irrespective of sizes and statuses.

Kindness is not expensive, it only has to flow from within for it to be effective. It is not difficult, it only requires you to be compassionate. It does not require much, it’s just your concern. It is everyone’s role. It can be through valuing the lives and rights of others, it can be through motivation and inspiration, and it can be through material supports. Inasmuch as you’re a human, who still breathes through the nostril, one innate responsibility you owe humanity is your kindness.




Author: billiontek

Billion is a young Nigerian who has positive attitude towards Sustainable Development (SD).


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