Do you have unimaginable strength? Do you have stamina? Are you very powerful? Like a protagonist in an adventurous movie who can defeat thousands of armed soldiers without being severely hurt. If the answers are in the positive, what do you use them for? Do you use them to hurt  people or you use them to inspire them. How about other facets of strengths of which we can be in possess? Is there anyone who is so weak that he cannot make an impact?

There is not a person who is created with nothing. Everyone has strengths which varies depending on individuals, degrees, and forms. You can have internal or external strengths or the both. You can also learn or acquire other forms of strengths such as educational strength, political strength, financial strength, etc. These will amount to nothing if they are used to threaten peace and harmonious existence.

No matter the forms of strength you are in possess of, the most important thing is that you use them positively. No form of strength is bad or unwanted, but it becomes totally questionable and unwanted if it is used brutally as a means to achieving negative results. Any goals, which do not promote the welfare of the society, do not worth our strengths at all. Exercising strengths on negative purposes only puts one in the wrong category and subjects him to total public scrutiny and disapproval.

Do not use your big muscles to cause unnecessary apprehension to people, do not use it to batter them, because this is not the basic reason why you are in possess of them. There are good jobs, places, factories, and industries where they are needed for work. You can even help to promote societal safety by joining a force. Or, think of other positive things. This way, it benefits you and the society, and no one is hurt. But if you use it negatively, you will remain restless until you’ve hurt more people, it will not benefit you because all you obtain by brutal force will never last long, and the Law will always hunt you with the Sword of Justice. All these make life very uncomfortable, then, to what end is your physical strength?

If you’re very knowledgeable in the field of academics, it does not mean those who are not are pieces of garbage that are to be stepped on. I have seen people who lay abuses on others and do not give them breathing spaces on the ground that they do no have education. The essence of education is to create awareness and promote knowledge in the society, and it is all who are educated that help to bringing these to reality. However, where opposite is the case, the person’s education becomes doubtful. We do not learn only for our own future or to obtain domineering power and attitude, rather, we do it to help those who do not have the opportunity.

Political strength has become very popular and most abused. The ethics of politics has been thrown to the lagoon of meism. Those with political strength keep neglecting their primary roles and have driven to the path of self enrichment, irrelevant rivalry, enemy suppression, and public deception. What does it result in? The future of the universe depends solely on the public administrators who have been adequately and democratically empowered; the future of the global society rests solely on their shoulders. I have seen a few genuine ones who use their strengths positively and that is one of the basic reasons why some societies are more advanced than others.

Financial and job strengths are also other forms of strength necessary for the promotion of social well-being in the societies of the world. Financial power can actually be used to foster job creation through establishments and sustainable business development. There is no need for favouritism or nepotism in job recruitment. There are better ways to help people other than putting them where they’re not supposed to be on the ground of their relationship with you.

So, I can go on and on with other forms of strength, but it is irrelevant because at this point, it is presumed that you have understood the ethics of strengths. You can easily identify where your strength lies and use it for the common good. It could be embedded in your talent, interest or character. But, what is paramount among these is that you use your strength, power, stamina, and position to better humanity.


Author: billiontek

Billion is a young Nigerian who has positive attitude towards Sustainable Development (SD).


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