Mistakes are a daily occurrence of mankind. It comes when you try doing something new, when you are doing what you are used to, and even when you decide not to do anything at all, you still make mistakes. Hence, no one escapes them no matter what you are or who you are. Making wrong choices is also part of it. Most times, we just cannot help it but choose wrongly and regret tomorrow.

Indeed! This is very normal. And when you become a victim of this circumstance, your heart wants to puke to death and your mind cries out in a faraway desert wishing if it had known earlier… This is true because, our lives are a product of our choices, actions, and decision; so, when your life becomes such a mess consequent upon your errors, your entire life becomes weird and your ardour may even be weakened. You most often find it very tough to forgive yourself. This is how it truly feels when one realises his huge inadequacies.

But, a strong fact remains that, irrespective of how hard we strive or how relentless we become, there are some mistakes that can never be healed. They are like the indelible marks of bruises on the human skin which cannot be washed away by antidotes. They remain there even to the grave until they eventually decay together with the flesh of the body.

And even when we hurt other people through our mistakes and wrong choices, expressing mere words of apologies may not totally heal the injuries of the heart and totally eliminate the awful memories. That is why people usually forgive, but do not forget so that they don’t get hurt again by a similar occurrence in the future.

Capitalizing on your mistakes and wasting precious times regretting on yesterday’s errors will only kill the strengths of your passion and retard the vehicles of your success. The more you try to totally correct them, the more mistakes you make; and the more mistakes you make, the more distresses visit you.

Therefore, do not allow the mistakes to consume you, instead, use them as beautiful opportunities to achieving a better future. Every mistake is an opportunity to learn something new; it teaches you what is appropriate to a particular situation in order to cuddle victory. Making mistakes is not analogous to becoming a failure. When you don’t fight it, you become very yummy for it and as a result, you’ll be eaten up very quickly by it. Sometimes, life has its own way of correcting some of our mistakes.

Principally, if you offend people through your inadequacies, kindly render sincere apologies and also conduct yourself in such a way that it reasonably convinces the other party that you truly are sorry. If it, on the other hand, offends you, do not deep yourself so much in it. Learn the lessons that the mistake offers and then move on triumphantly.

It is not really necessary that you make mistakes, what is important is that you don’t give up on yourself, your beliefs and your dreams even amidst such mistakes. The power of your dreams defeats the negative effects that they have on you.



Author: billiontek

Billion is a young Nigerian who has positive attitude towards Sustainable Development (SD).

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