My Students’ Poems

At the end of a morning lesson on Poetry, I gave the students a class work to write poems. These are the best poems that were submitted. The poets are: Eze and Olive; they are SS 2 students. I like the poems and I am very proud of the students.




Oh, how shall I compare you

To the season day!

You are so sweet, lovely and warm.

Angry winds do try to shake

The darling buds of our cord,

But they never stop me

To loop for someone so special like you.


Sometimes to hurt the eyes

Of heaven’s shines.

Often in its gold dim complexion.

Even though Noah rains pour,

they can’t wash away our love.


How about the fierce sun?

It tries to hurt our bond,

But the trees always smile

To give us a protective hand,

Watching us a thousand times

As our love cuddles our arms.





As dark as my hair

And as bright as the happy sun

Built with smiling rocks

Oh, my sweet home!


My bed, so soft and tender

My home speaks to my heart

With a voice of a rushing wind

Oh, my sweet home!


Its sweet scented flowers

Always wave at me as I leave for school

And they also cry to me

When I’m harsh on them

What can I do without my sweet home?

My home of comfort!

Oh, my sweet home!





Author: billiontek

Billion is a young Nigerian who has positive attitude towards Sustainable Development (SD).

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