Often times, people do compare themselves in terms of financial achievements and life levels. But, apart from having different destinies and different times for the achievement of our diverse goals, there still is another reason why we should expunge these comparisons and move on assuredly and collaboratively. This is the purpose of this post.

Now, let us quickly consider two categories of persons and then draw out significant differences that will really help to illustrate the point.

Person A is from a family of four and he occupies the third position. His parents are healthy; they also have a viable means of livelihood with which they assist all of the family members where necessary. His older siblings are not doing badly and the youngest child is not unproductive. He works really well to make sure he becomes very successful in life.

On the other hand, Person B is from a family of seven and he occupies the first position. The youngest child in the family is eight years old. His parents are not really healthy; consequently, they are not strong enough to have a viable means of livelihood. Moreover, almost all of his younger siblings are studying in schools. And like Person A, he works really well to make sure he becomes very successful in life.

Essentially, if these two persons were exactly doing the same job and were paid the same amount, whose “level” would be higher? Of course, Person A would meet his needs and still have some balance in his bank account, but Person B’s would not even be enough. Now, is it proper for you to judge Person B by the achievements of Person A, considering the fact that they do the same job? Hmmm… Why? Good, your answers are right!

This precisely is what happens to most people in the society. They work very hard, but do not become as established as people expect them to be. However, this does not mean that they are not productive or that they are lazy. It is not even that “they have too much family burdens” because one could easily abandon them and fetch his own personal desires. It is because, as good and kind-hearted people, they face their family responsibilities tactically.

We do not choose our own families; instead, we find ourselves there, sometimes in wealthy ones, sometimes in poor ones, and at times in intermediary ones. We are not there to abandon our responsibilities, ignite problems or fuel an existing one. Each of us has core roles to play and our positions are all significant.

Hence, it is not for us to pursue our dreams and turn our backs against those who “sat and watched our infant heads”. We were born “helpless” and needed the hands of the family who gave us wide embraces and kissed away the milk of our nostrils. Therefore, family first, isn’t it?

But, it is also expedient to mention that, pursing family and personal needs concurrently helps to maintain a good standard. The reason is that, as people often canvass, “family’s problems never end”; and so, pursuing your own happiness in an acceptable way will increase the happiness of everyone. Basically, where every member of the family pursues their distinctive future alongside the family’s together, the family’s basic problems come to an end!

For these reasons, it is primarily inappropriate for us to compare ourselves and thereafter make unnecessary categorizations. We have different backgrounds and the weights of our family obligations differ greatly, but we should not allow them to cripple our own dreams. If yours are less weighty, help those with very weighty ones for such collaboration, not unnecessary judgment, manifests the sustainability and unity of the human family.

Thank you for reading!


Author: billiontek

Billion is a young Nigerian who has positive attitude towards Sustainable Development (SD).

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