I still strongly believe that there is an amazing love that lasts forever and still follows one to the dark caves. It is neither learnt nor forced upon persons; it verily and voluntarily comes from within and it is quite unconditional. It is not hidden, it always is positive, and it doesn’t get defeated by mere difficulties, mistakes or temporary hiccups and mishaps.

Although, there certainty will be times to be disappointed, but in the end, the love surely supersedes it.

This love is not gender sensitive; age, experience, blood connection, status, identity, and race are, as a matter of truth, inessential. Also, it is very difficult to resurrect from a closed heart – if your heart is open to all, it becomes very easy to manifest physiologically.

However, this love seems to be a mere abstraction, which is not unknown to us. But, it becomes concretized when it is built on honesty and shown without hypocrisy.

Therefore, let’s love without any reasons and make joy the CONSTANT visitor of everyone. It is the bond of our love for one another that can weaken the bundles of evil that exist within us.

The power of love conquers every negativity!
This begins with me, you, and all members of the human world.


Author: billiontek

Billion is a young Nigerian who has positive attitude towards Sustainable Development (SD).

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