While I was on a bus today which was coming from Rukpokwu to Mile 1, there was a man on the bus who paraded himself as a policeman. He was very huge, fair in complexion, his voice was really deep, he wore tick blue jeans and a purple t-shirt, a pair of heavy shoes and a pair of dark goggles.

He would make telephone calls consistently on the same issue so loudly that everyone on the bus could easily hear every letter of every word that he said. The only issue of every of his telephone discussion was; “I am a policeman and I have be transfer to Edo State”. Gosh!!! And because I was seated so close to him that my body often collided with his, I just couldn’t resist the conversations even if I really was pissed off with everything he did. Instead, I had to turn on my mental recorder and got ready for the hugest discomfort.

Very often, he flared at any passenger who did or said anything that contradicted his tastes and if any such act or conduct comes from outside, he would want to get off the bus through the window and crush that person to an immediate death. Even poor itinerant traders and ordinary passersby were also permeated by this tick threatening voice that was ferociously piercing into my ear drums and making my heart limp too unnecessarily.

But, my anger became redder when he called two itinerants who were hawking cold soft drinks and snacks. He bought a bottle of La Casera drink and a sausage roll (commonly known as gala). He collected these food articles, but refused to pay for them simply because, “he is a policeman” who is also a “thug”. Funny!

After eating these in a very disgusting manner that almost made me puke on myself, he quickly darted the wastes through the window of the bus. The warm wind flew the snack sachet away whilst the empty bottle landed on a big bowl of garri displayed for sale at Wimpey Market. I felt really angry about that.

As a result of that, I thought of giving him a blow on his face. But, I paused for a while and first counted the number of teeth that live in my mouth. “Not so many”, I sighed. I just imagined how many teeth I would have left after he had avenged my punch against him; I really I would have few or no teeth left. So, I just ignored him totally.

Finally, he got off the bus at Market Junction and I was really relieved. Immediately the bus moved on, every passenger started murmuring, complaining, and abusing the man and ALL POLICEMEN.

If actually the man was legally a policeman, he had acted ultra vires. Using a public post to interfere with the rights and interests of persons of another without any lawful justification is a criminal offence and there’s a sanction. Sadly, you can only say this in the courtroom and any other place where you’ll not lose your teeth at the end for saying so.

Thanks for your time!


Author: billiontek

Billion is a young Nigerian who has positive attitude towards Sustainable Development (SD).

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